Parol evidence rule

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Parol Evidence Rule

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If there is a particular, the court will allow the contract solely by the explicit provisions it contains. The parol evidence rule is a law of evidence which is designed to support the validity of an obvious written contract over any other evidence, assuming that the written contract does not appear to have been tampered with or made falsely, and does appear to be complete and in effect.

The parole evidence rule prevents parties from creating agreements that do not exist in a written contract. See insights from LegalMatch's law library. OverviewThe parol evidence rule governs the extent to which parties to a case may introduce into court evidence of a prior or contemporaneous agreement in order to modify, explain, or supplement the contract at issue.

The rule excludes the admission of parol evidence. This means that when the parties to a contract have made and signed a completely integrated written contract, evidence of. The parol evidence rule is a contract law doctrine that prevents parties to a written contract from presenting “extrinsic” evidence of terms in a contract that contradict, modify, or vary the terms of a written agreement, when that written agreement is considered complete and finalized.

The Parol Evidence Rule

Start studying Parol Evidence Rule. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Parol Evidence Rule. A rule preventing a party to a contract from later adding a term previously agreed upon but not included in the final written contract.

Parol. Extrinsic to or outside of the written agreement. What does this rule apply to.

Parol evidence rule
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