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MetaPath can identify differentially abundant pathways in metagenomic data-sets, relying on a combination of metagenomic sequence data and prior metabolic pathway knowledge.

Under the terms of the deal, Metapath's shareholders would at closing receive common stock in CellTech valued at $ million. CellTech at that time had a market capitalization of approximately. Metapath Software September Harvard Case Study Solution and Analysis of Case Study Solution & AnalysisIn most courses studied at Harvard Business schools, students are provided with a case study.


Major HBR cases concerns on. Case analysis for Metapath Software: September 1. Metapath is a late stage venture, mainly financed with equity, with the exception of longterm obligations of $m as of September 97, which we assume to be debt.

Case analysis for Metapath Software: September 1.

Marconi Acquires Metapath Software, Aiming to Increase Wireless Services

Metapath is a late stage venture, mainly financed with equity, with the exception of longterm obligations of $m as of September 97, which we assume to be debt. Transcript of Metapath Software Equity Financing Offer Metapath goal of next round of financing was to get to cash break-even, smooth of Quarter-to-Quarter revenue, and attract more customers - necessary to make an attractive IPO.

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