Introductionblood poisoning also calledsepticemia or sepsis

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Blood Poisoning – Signs and Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

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A to Z: Septicemia. May also be called: Blood Poisoning, Bacteremia With Sepsis. Septicemia (SEP-tuh-SEE-mee-uh), or blood poisoning, is a condition where germs get into the blood and spread throughout the body in the bloodstream.

Introduction Blood poisoning, also called septicemia or Sepsis, is an infection caused by the presence of bacteria in the bloodstream.

Septicemia: Know the facts

Although it is commonly called "blood poisoning," the infection actually has nothing to do with poison. Sepsis in newborns less than 48 hours old is called early neonatal sepsis.

It is usually caused by bacteria passed from the mother. are at risk from infections in the blood (sepsis) and/or gastrointestinal inflammation and injury (necrotizing enterocolitis). Septicemia, Blood poisoning, Toxemia, Toxaemia, Septic.

Other terms to know. Blood poisoning, also called septicemia or sepsis, is the presence of an infection or its toxin spreading through the bloodstream.

A to Z: Septicemia

The presence of bacteria in the blood is called bacteremia. Short bursts of low levels of bacteria in the blood usually do not cause problems. Blood poisoning (also referred to as sepsis or septicemia) is a severe infection that is spread through the body via the blood stream.

If blood poisoning is left untreated it can become so severe that it starts to interfere with the body’s organs and, in the most severe cases can lead to septic shock where blood pressure falls to dangerously low levels and the organs start to shut down.

Introductionblood poisoning also calledsepticemia or sepsis
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Blood Poisoning - Signs and Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore