Graduate unemployment

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How high is graduate unemployment in South Africa? A much-needed update

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The unemployment rate is the percentage of persons in the civilian labor force (i.e., all civilians who are employed or seeking employment) who are not working and who made specific efforts to find employment sometime during the prior 4 weeks. The unemployment rate for graduates was per cent, per cent for workers with a postgraduate qualification and per cent for non-graduates.

Still, unions seized on the graduate underemployment saying it was a “massive waste of talent” that threatened. They also show that the proportion of graduates who were jobless varied between degree subjects.

None of those who had studied medicine and dentistry were considered unemployed, along with just. Sinceunemployment rates by gender for young high school graduates have become more equal; the latest data show that the unemployment rate was percent for young male high school graduates, compared with percent for young female high school graduates.

The rising unemployment rate among fresh university graduates today is an upsetting trend. Now the pool of unemployed graduates is rising to worrying levels even in some high-growth economies. The frequently reported ‘crisis in graduate unemployment’ in South Africa is a fallacy based on questionable research.

Not only is graduate unemployment low at less than 6%, but it also compares well with rates in developed countries.

Graduate unemployment
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Reasons Why Fresh Graduates Are Unemployed And Jobless In Malaysia